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Franchise Real Estate 

JMS Commercial Real Estate Advisors specializes in Site Selection & Lease Negotiations nationwide. As an Agent/Broker, I have been involved in all aspects of commercial real estate over the last 15 years. My knowledge covers both sides of the leasing transaction, allowing me to understand how a Landlord thinks and what his strategy might be in the lease negotiations while getting the best terms and conditions possible for my Client, YOUR Franchisee.

  • Discovery Day Process - During the Franchise Discovery period JMS, will interface, as mutually agreed to with Franchisor, to supply information on the real estate process ahead of them. This usually includes supplying them with available site opportunities within their future territory.


  • After Franchise Purchase and Signing - At this phase, JMS will spend time (30‐90 Minutes) with the Franchisee answering questions, reviewing their territory one last time and give them insight as what to expect going forward in the selection of a location.


  • Site Selection and Lease Negotiation - Once the Franchisee and JMS have fully reviewed and vetted the territory, the Franchisee will make the choice of how to pursue a location that best suits their objective. First, if they go with a local broker, he will be given the custom, territory report created for the Franchisee. Or second, JMS will continue with the Franchisee by continuing forward, setting up tours for the Franchisee to see each selected site. 


  • Securing the Location for Your Business - JMS serves the Franchisee in two ways. We immerse the Franchisee totally in the process, marketplace, and search, by allowing them to review and analyze their territory. location by location. JMS helps them understand the different opportunities in their territory. Property types, rental rates  The local broker will work with the Franchisee to write the first Letter of Intent (LOI). JMS will review the LOI, talk it through with the Franchisee. Once this is completed, we will OK the LOI to be submitted by the local broker. After this LOI is submitted, JMS will take over the negotiations to its successful fruition. JMS will strategize with the Franchise on any counters to the LOI and consult them along the process as to what they need to be doing in regards to the local government entities. Lease review and comments can be done one of two ways. The Franchisee can either hire a lawyer to review the lease or for an additional fee, JMS will give a Brokers Opinion of Lease (BOL). BOL is a fee-based service.


  •  JMS Oversees and Manages Your Real Estate Process - This allows you to concentrate on your core business. Growing your Franchise and having the peace of mind in knowing your Franchisees real estate needs are handled professionally and conscientiously. Our fiduciary relationship is with your Franchisee; our success is in your growth. 


  • Inquire about our other fee-based services; Using the latest in Ai Data resourcing for; Territory Identification/Creation, Demographics, and other related services.

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